Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The lady in cement.

The Lady in Cement 
 by Anthony Rome, pseudonym of author Marvin Albert

"While diving off the Miami coast seeking one of the eleven fabled Spanish Galleons sunk in 1591, private investigator Tony Rome discovers a dead blonde, her feet encased in cement, at the bottom of the ocean.
Rome reports this to Lieutenant Dave Santini and thinks little more of the incident until man-mountain Waldo Gronski hires him to find a missing woman, Sandra Lomax. Gronski has little in the way of affluence, so allows Rome to pawn his ring to retain his services.
After investigating the local hot-spots and picking up on a few names, Rome soon comes across Kit Forrester, whose party Sandra Lomax was supposed to have attended. Rome’s talking to Forrester raises the ire of racketeer Al Mungar, a supposedly reformed gangster who looks after Kit’s interests.
Rome, thinking there may be a connection between Lomax, Forrester and Mungar, starts probing into their backgrounds and begins a romantic relationship with Kit. With both cops and crooks chasing him and the omnipresent Gronski breathing down his neck, Rome finds himself deep in a case that provides few answers.  "

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