Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dreams from the Psychedelic Dollhouse....

60s era peignoir pale robins egg blue bed jacket.

Rise and shine.... Something is stirring in the dollhouse.  She wakes at dawn bathing in a curious amber glow that streams through an open window in her bedroom.  She hardly remembers the day before and it hardly matters today. There is a magic in the air.  Today has infinite possibilities. 

Tangerine 60s maxi peignoir over 80s cream white slip
Magic telephone calling card to the great beyond.  Pick up the phone.   

Electric mint 60s sheer chiffon capelet

In her studio she creates new worlds that have never before existed and are impossible to duplicate again.  Each painting contains her finger prints.  Each a painted garden of delight sprouting from her mind, leaping off her brush, enveloping her with memories and dreams.

70s cream maxi nightgown and vintage Avon rings

Cat nap in the greenhouse at midday, embraced in light, vines grow and reach for her.  A thick floral perfume fills the air.  She falls into a deep sleep, slow wave dream state...

Wide lavender chiffon scarf and rings

(dream sequence)

Lavender chiffon scarf over 80s era lingerie romper and 60s brass chain and pendant

(dream sequence)

60s pale blue peignoir

Sweet dreams, dolly...

I'm so happy to share this series of art projections I devised with artist Sara Gossett.  I've loved catching up with Golden Haze for so long and we have been pals in that surreal virtual internet space for going on years now.  So, when I recently moved to Washington, DC last summer I was lucky enough to find out in passing that she was based out of Richmond, Virginia, just a stone's throw away (in other words a couple hours drive!  At least seems so close having just moved from Brazil...).  I jumped on the chance to plan a collaboration with her to merge our mutual loves of 60s era references with our art.  Like art projects usually unfold, unplanned surprises and a few limitations reshaped our vision into something different than we could have originally imagined... working together created some images that are far less derivative, and to our delight, far more spontaneously creative.   

Having moved our shoot indoors to continue our experimentations with projections, we played with Sara's fantastical watercolored line drawings and my cosmic colored paintings on the big screen.  We dreamed of a day in the life of a magical artist living in psychedelic Valley of the Dolls interiors.  I asked one of my favorite DC dolls Kate Greene if we could dress her up in some vintage jewels and clothing from my collection and watched her twirl and swoon for the camera while her white blonde tresses caught the light.

You can buy prints of the artwork used in this photoshoot by shopping GoldenHaze or CellardoorSequins.  

Creative Direction:  Sara Gossett and Lise Silva
Artwork: Sara Gossett and Lise Silva
Photography:  Lise Silva
Model: Kate Greene
Clothes and jewelry: CellardoorSequins

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