Thursday, August 22, 2013

Celestial Beings...

Third Eye Shining.

I was itching to make some larger scale pieces and had the treat creating some spacey paintings and paper props for a dream shoot experimenting with some local DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) gals.  Having never worked quite so large before I was a bit nervous, and started out with no real plan for what to do.  "Oh, look, Barbarella's on Netflix!" ...I think I spent the next 72 hours with Barbarella playing in the background as I got to work and some celestial visions eventually came into fruition.  I sort of unconsciously absorbed the influences--  I really had no idea at the time, but looking at the final product its so obviously a 60's space/future send-up. Once I got out my exacto knife and began to cut the geometric snowflake-like shapes, I started to really get into it.  I ended up with a large scale watercolor, geometric cut paper circles, a giant comet, and a swirling orbit ring to play with.  

Jewelry designer Celeste Rodero came up from Richmond, VA and modeled some 60s-70s vintage dresses and dance leotard get-ups.  DC MUA/Hairstylist Nadine Matar drew perfect sex kitten 60s cateyes on our muse, and set designer/stylist Morgan West incorporated her hand dyed and sewn fabric pieces in the mix.  I added watercolor backdrops for some of the shots and voila!  One of my favorite aspects is how amazingly auspicious it was that Celeste's tattoos perfectly matched the cosmic theme-- you can spot them in a few of the photos below.

Paintings, Paper art, Styling, Photography- Lise Silva 

Set design, Styling - Morgan West

Makeup/Hair - Nadine Matar

Model- Celeste Rodero

A Star is Born.

Comet Heads/Tails.

Inner Outer Space Painting.

The Cosmic Wheel.



Shooting star.

Dormant Star.

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