Thursday, October 17, 2013

EYE Tarot.

My favorite vintage magazines in my collection by far are the EYE magazines.  Launched by the Hearst company in 1968 and edited by legend Helen Gurley Brown, EYE was the conservative industry giant's attempt to reach the growing youth subculture. From the Beatles new technicolor threads in London to the summer of love kids in San Francisco, to catch phrases like "never trust anyone over 30",  Hearst got wind of ( a few years too late, really)  a groovy new market to break in to. EYE was marketed to both male and female college age students, covering fashion, politics, sex, music and pop culture.  Some of the interviews they did with rockstars of the era, like Jim Morrison, are rare and fascinating to read.   

A sampling of headlines you ask?

"The Rolling Stones: 'drugs and young girls... absolute dirt.' Or not?"
"Test our Mind's 9 Electric Dimensions"
"Truffaut/Hitchcock rap" 
"Jim Morrison: Visions of Love and Death"
"Private Wardrobes: Peek into te closets of Peter Fonda, Buffy Ste. Marie, Liza Minelli, Jimi Hendrix" 

Aside from the amazing articles and photographs inside, I love the fact that its a large format mag the size of the old LIFE magazines.  Most issues included a special bonus pull out insert, which was usually an illustrated poster to hang in your bedroom (sometimes a record or comic book!).  Very few of the EYEs still floating around contain their original inserts intact, so you can imagine how magic it is when you find one for a reasonable price with its bonus item.  

One of my fav issues in my collection is the issue this bonus tarot poster is from, Oct 1968, exactly 45 years from today, which had a supernatural theme. The beautiful day glo 1960s-meets-1910's illustrations, in the vein of Aubrey Beardsley drawings, could be cut and used as makeshift tarot cards. Sadly, EYE died in 1969 after 15 short issues.  


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Great magazine, thanks for sharing those tarot images!

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