Friday, November 8, 2013

Los Gitanos Vintage Tour.


This magical creature is Tara Papanicolas , owner of Los Gitanos Vintage in Washington, DC. Los Gitanos Vintage is an oasis for me- a beautifully curated collection of vintage clothes and accessories. Shortly after she opened the shop, I was asked to shoot photos of her for DeNada's Closely Knit series. Walking into that magical ambiance of ghostly victorian dresses, glass boxes of jewels, porcelain dolls, and antique furniture, I was immediately in love. That same day, we started talking about fun projects and not long after I designed the Los Gitanos logo, made a sultry shop sign scrawling "Los Gitanos" in lipstick on a mirror facing the entrance, and created a bit mural painting on one wall (behind her in the photo above).

Tara is so dear to my heart, finding her shop was completely kismet. I can't tell you how much Washington DC needs a space like Los Gitanos and a woman like Tara in the creative community. She is such a creative and genuine person, its inspiring to see the dedication she has invested in her vision. I remember noticing immediately how thoughtfully it was curated, how personal and special the space felt. It only just begun to attract the attention it deserves. I was shocked to recently discover that Tara was suddenly diagnosed with a rare uterine cancer and needs extensive radiation treatment. Thankfully, friends have started Tara's Fund to contribute to her medical costs. The generosity of friends and strangers alike as brought her to nearly the half way point of the full cost $21,600 USD. Ever dollar means so much, to support Tara in her fight against cancer, click the Tara's Fund link and buy magical garments from Los Gitanos:  

Location: Blue's Hard Goods
 1803a 14th St NW
 Washington DC 20009




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