Friday, May 9, 2014

Updates here are so long overdue!   Things have been so busy (in a good way) so far in 2014, I've been working so fast I barely I have the energy to share what I've been up to.   These days the instant gratification and wordless format of instagram (@lisesilva) is most appealing to me.  

One MAJOR update in 2014 that I failed to mention here is the creation of MY WEBSITE.  Yay!  Something I quietly scratched away at for so long finally came into fruition... Please take a peek. Its a nice little summary of my current work and style and I am updating/adding to it regularly.  Sooo looking forward to finally filling out the illustration section soon as I have been focusing on photos these past two years.

Second, and in conjunction with the first update, I also launched an ecommerce shop on my site.  I still maintain my etsy shop CELLARDOORSEQUINS but that space will evolve to be just for vintage, while my ecommerce shop will be mainly for art.  You can have a look at MY NEW SHOP here.


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