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Film noir, femme fatale blissed out in superimposed psychedelia.

My name is Lise, the Portuguese phonetic spelling of "Lizzie".  I'm a drawer, collager, watercolor washer, zine-maker, paperdoll creator, mini-book maker, story teller and picture-taker. My preoccupations include: secrets, lost books, girls in states of longing/pining, knowing inscrutable expressions, The Gaze, artist and muse, haunted places and people, intuition, nine lives, waking, sleeping, dreaming, and the fourth state. My work has been described as dreamy, feminine, nostalgic, and mysterious. 

I want to make a world.

Visit my website: www.LiseSilva.com 
Inquiries:  lise.silva.j@gmail.com
Facebook: LiseSilvaCellardoor 
Shop: CellardoorSequins
Instagram: lisesilva

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